Self-Driving. Too Many Wolf Cries? Or Are We Ignoring The Elephant In The Room?

By Manoj Madvahan

via Seeking Alpha, January 27, 2019

Self-driving cars are set to displace millions of delivery drivers and people transporters. The list of delivery drivers includes drivers delivering pizza, take out restaurant orders, groceries, office packages, medicines, online shopping orders and many more. Car drivers who transport people for a living include millions of taxi drivers and ride-hailing app drivers. Some of the popular ride-hailing apps are – Uber and Lyft in the US (and worldwide), Grab, and GoJek in Malayasia, Easy Taxi in Brazil, Hitch-a-ride in Australia, Didi Chuxing in China and Ola in India. As self-driving cars become more widespread these drivers will have to find other ways to make a living. There will a period of pain and adjustment. Not every Uber driver will be able to take up Python or AI programming or find work related to autonomous driving devices and systems.

Jobs lost – no wait, CREATED! – to self-driving trucks

Millions of people are employed as UPS, FedEx, DHL and other delivery drivers, not to mention the millions more of long-haul truck drivers. Initially, a lot of people thought that self-driving trucks would displace these truckers. Now, however, a consensus seems to be emerging that it is going to be the other way around. Many of these drivers will still be in their trucks, similar to how a pilot sits in the cockpit of a plane even when the plane can fly on auto pilot. Even if there are unmanned trucks on the long-haul “middle” sections, truckers would be needed to navigate the first and last sections – of inner-city roads, rural roads and suburban subdivision lanes. However, the job of the drivers could change. They will not only be making deliveries and doing the necessary documentation, but also and other tasks, such as monitoring the cameras and computer systems in the truck.

Jobs lost due to reduced car ownership

Car ownership, especially in the developed world, is on a down sloping path. This slope may become steeper sooner than most people think. Car sharing combined with self-driving will reduce car ownership. Why own a car when you can subscribe to a car? For example, if I need the car from 8 am to 4 pm and you need the car from 5 pm to 11 pm, why do we need two cars.

See original article in Seeking Alpha.