The Rebound Podcast: The future of autonomous vehicles in the supply chain

By Bob Trebilcock, Supply Chain Management Review

On this episode of The Rebound, Charlie Jatt, head of commercialization for trucking at Waymo Via, brings us up to speed on developments in technology for autonomous trucking, and when we might see autonomous trucks on the road. ASCM CEO Abe Eshkenazi and SCMR Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock are hosts.

The driver shortage is at crisis levels and has been for a long time. That comes as no surprise to shippers or logistics providers. Given that the average age of U.S. truck drivers today is nearly 50, it’s only likely to get worse.

It’s no surprise then that the trucking industry and shippers alike are interested in the potential of autonomous trucks. So, where are we, and what does the future of autonomous trucking look like? And, where we’re closer to rolling the technology out than we might think, at least in some applications?

On this episode of The Rebound, Charlie Jatt, the head of commercialization for trucking at Waymo Via, discusses the evolution of driverless technology, partnerships Waymo Via is forming with industry leaders to create an autonomous trucking ecosystem and what comes next. You don’t want to miss this episode.

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